Clothes: The Trouble With Boys

Clothes: The Trouble With Boys

The style and range of boys' clothing is expanding all the time, there are many more fashion lines available to boys today, than ever before, however, there is still a lot less choice in young boys' clothing than there in young girls clothing.

Many parents want their children to look trendy and sophisticated, but they face great disappointment when they enter children's clothing shops: there just isn't the variety. There are some great ranges for boys, but they tend to centre on common themes, such as blazers and trousers. With our children in uniforms for much of the day, it is disheartening to purchase clothes for casual wear that are so similar to the clothes they wear to school.

Boys clothing sizes are also problematic for parents. Most clothing stores sell clothes according to age range, but you have only to visit a primary school classroom to see that most boys have varying heights in most age ranges. Indeed, look at a bunch of 8-year-old boys, some will be just short of 4', others will reach nearly 5' in height. This is troublesome because the styles of clothing for a 5' boy can make the child appear too grown up at the age of eight, and the style of clothing for a 4' boy can make the child appear younger.

Clothing tends to be stereotyped for young boys. As with adults, children all have a unique personality, with specific styles and tastes, yet, clothing manufacturers have not cottoned onto the fact that their clothing ranges need to be extended to suit more styles of dress. Many young boys are creative and trendy, and wish their clothes reflected this fact. In comparison to girls, boys have the short-end-of-the-stick in the fashion stakes.

Walk into and children's clothes shop and you will find very few ranges in boys clothing, indeed, the majority of the store will be dedicated to girls. Moreover, the style of clothing that we can expect to find in the boys department is very samey; there are skulls everywhere, guitars, motorbikes, all those things that we associate with young boys. Aside from the fact that not all boys will appreciate those kinds of motifs, girls clothes are not stereotyped in the same way; we do not see girls clothing with kitchen paraphernalia upon them, or babies everywhere, no, girls clothing is fashionable and mimics those tastes of the adult population. As a parent, we can find this immensely frustrating: our boys are treated differently to our girls.

If you find it hard to buy decent clothing for your young boys, then we recommend using the internet, there is a lot more choice, both in terms of size and style. Online fashion trends for boys tend to offer a lot more variety and boys clothing is generally more stylish and trendy.

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