How do I create an account on AmFashion?

You can create your account on AmFashion by entering and verifying your mobile number. Click on "Create New Account" after that and fill up the form to create your AmFashion account.

Do I need to provide email to create an account on AmFashion?

Providing an email is not mandatory to create an account on AmFashion. However, we still recommend adding your email to your account as it will allow you to easily reset your password if you need to.

What is account recovery on AmFashion?

Account recovery is the process of getting access to your account in case you have changed or lost your mobile number and did not change the mobile number on your AmFashion account before you lost that number. This can be done by entering an OTP sent to your alternate mobile number.

How can i change my mobile number that I use to login on AmFashion?

You can log in to your account and change it from your Profile > Edit Profile.

Why is my account locked?

AmFashion locks accounts for a specified time period or permanently in case there are too many failed login attempts to your account. This is for the security of your account. You should be able to gain access back to your account by resetting your password or call customer care for further help.